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What does President Obama’s reelection mean for our country?

Source: thedartmouth.com

I voted in my first presidential election this year through an absentee ballot from my home state of Maryland. While many people encouraged me to register to vote in Pennsylvania so I could physically vote on Election Day,  I wanted to be able to vote on several groundbreaking bills that were being decided on in Maryland. Along with Maine, Maryland was another state to legalize gay marriage. On a personal note, I think it is utterly ridiculous that love is a political issue being voted on, but I was proud of my state for choosing equality nonetheless. In May of this year, President Obama recently publicized his support of gay marriage, ensuring that Americans should be able to walk down the street “holding the hand of the one they love.” His support of human rights impressed me. I want a President who is open minded and supporting of everyone living in America, regardless of sexual orientation, race, or gender. As a straight woman, I can sympathize with the idea of my rights being taken away. Opposing candidate Governor Mitt Romney often made several uncouth remarks about women’s health and unequal pay in the workplace. In his first term, President Obama signed a law that will begin to pave the way for women to make the same yearly wage doing the same job as men, another concept that seems insane to still be debated in 2012. Social issues really guided the outcome of this election, and whether or not you believe Obama’s policies about the economy or healthcare are not exactly perfect, I believe equal rights for every human being are far more important than how fast I will get a job after graduating college. Call me a naive college student all you want, but I believe equality far surpasses wealth. I am proud of my vote for President Obama and have faith in a lot of his policies, whether it be social, economic, or related to healthcare.


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