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Raise Hope For Congo

Raise Hope For Congo, a side campaign by the organization Enough Project, has began to raise awareness about the United States’ foreign policy in Africa. Many human rights and genocide issues are ignored by both major political parties because they don’t directly affect the plight of the United States. The genocide in eastern Congo is part of the deadliest war in the world, and many people don’t give it the slightest bit of attention. Raise Hope For Congo has created the first ever Instagram campaign encouraging the public to #Vote4Congo. Instagram,a popular photo sharing app on smart phones, has billions of users. To participate in the campaign, the idea is to take a picture of yourself holding up a sign that says #Vote4Congo, showing the newly reelected President Obama that the United States cares about the well being of people across the planet. Raise Hope For Congo wants to encourage the President to peacefully attain results in the Congo by encouraging neighboring countries Rwanda and Uganda to stop giving aid to the M23, the prevalent army force in the Congo. More information about the Congo’s history of violence and how the United States can be found here. Tonight, on Duquesne University’s campus in Downtown Pittsburgh, a showing of Crisis in the Congo will be viewed in Canevin 324. Further information on how to help can be found at this event.


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