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Female voters dominate 2012 presidential election results

Women, a target demographic in the 2012 presidential election, had a dramatic influence on Tuesday’s election results. Issues concerning the economy, healthcare, and human rights were the main focus, but how female voters felt about these important issues was one of the stronger determining factors. Controversial topics like birth control, abortion, and inequality in yearly salary between men and women were prevalent throughout election coverage.This last presidential debate had many women outraged at remarks from Governor Mitt Romney and his supporters in the Republican Party. The Huffington Post reports that “women comprised 53 percent of the total national vote.” Of those voters, Time reports that “President Obama carried 55 percent of [women voters].”

Jasmin Murphy, a 20 year old psychology major at Duquesne University, voted in the 2012 presidential election in Monroeville, a suburb of Pittsburgh in Allegheny County. Murphy chose to reelect President Obama. In addition to supporting marriage equality and women’s rights, Murphy chose to vote for Obama because of his plan to decrease the deficit in our debt. She is also a proponent of the President’s health care plan.

“Obamacare has helped a lot of my family members, and will continue to do so,” said Murphy.

Murphy was also among many females who were concerned wiht the Republican view on women’s rights issues.

“Most Democrats in the political realm have similar views to Obama, but it was the extremity of Romney’s statements about women that turned me against him. He supported several governors and congressmen who have said that pregnancy after rape was an ‘act of God’. It scared me. I voted for Obama because I want to be treated as an equal.” said Murphy.

Source: BarackObama.com 


Jazmin Murphy on her decision to vote for President Obama (Audio, 0.45 seconds)


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