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Charity Water’s September Campaign in Rwanda

Charity Water’s Website

Charity Water is a non-profit organization that helps build wells and provide clean water in Africa. This month, they have launched a campaign for Rwanda. The hype began with a short video about a 5 year old girl named Rachel who pledged to raise 300 dollars instead of receiving birthday gifts. Tragically, she passed away  in a car accident and her community rallied together to raise over one million dollars that went toward wells in Rwanda. Using this as a model, Charity Water’s new campaign is pledging people to donate if they have a September birthday. It only takes 65 dollars to give one person enough water to survive on for one year. At the end of this campaign, the hope to raise up to 1.7 million dollars. On their website, they have set up easily accessible links for people to donate and start their own campaign in their hometown.

The use of a small child opening her heart to foreign countries without water was exceedingly successful. The video has a subtle message in it–if a 5 year old girl can open her heart to the conflict in Rwanda, then what is stopping working adults, politicians, and other influential people from taking a second to care or donate money? Non-profits will always have public relations on their side because it comes from a place of wanting to do good for humanity rather than wanting to make profit. Money is an important factor, obviously, but the motives of the organizations are more humanistic and powerful than those of money-hungry politicians or corporations that require a PR staff.


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