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McCloskey Field Remodeled After New Dorm Construction

McCloskey Field, located on Duquesne University’s campus next to newly built dorm Des Places Hall, has been a staple of the college’s athletic life. The field, predominantly used for intramural sports, recently got a $260,000 makeover after damages from the dorm construction.

It had been closed since October 2010 during this process, and students are ecstatic to have it become a working part of Duquesne’s campus once again. Taylor Dank and Claire Hurley, sophomores on Duquesne’s Women’s Lacrosse Team, are glad to have the field back to normal.

“We are happy to see it being used again. Since we’re in our off-season, it’s nice to have an open place to practice. The fall and winter sports have rule over Rooney Field right now, and McCloskey is a great place for our team to go and play pick up games,” said Hurley.

New turf has been laid down on the field, and the track has been remodeled. Both were used as a lot for construction equipment, and now that it has reopened, it looks have improved five-fold.

“It’s nice to see people play on it again. The turf is a lot smoother and easier to play on. The view of this new field is a lot better than the construction and noise we faced for months,” said Dank.

McCloskey field was once renovated previously in 1998. Newer features include a long jump pit on the paved track, complimentary goals, and benches.


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